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Our vision to be the world’s leading law firm/entity in the legal advisory market, we undertake the most perplexing and thought-provoking tasks, helping our client’s to accomplish their ends by solving their significant and essential legal matters.

We are committed to building durable relationships with our clients, it is because of quality of our work and people that the world’s biggest as well as small and medium motivated entrepreneurs and establishments trust us as client with their significant projects, businesses and disputes.

As an innovative international law firm, with our diverse cross-border team, we are contributing to the society at-large by giving advice to our clients and establishments, providing pro-bono legal services, enrolling people who further contract with their clients, customers and employees and organizations.

We are delivering all this by keeping an eye on the market, passing a judgment after doing a thorough study and analysis of the market.

We are known for our progress, commitment and for our ability to discover the ground-breaking solutions to challenging issues.

EQUALITY-NO DISCRIMINATION are the principles that we are practicing actually by treating and recruiting people having different values, religions, color, experience, cast, creeds age, sexual orientation etc.

We are advising some of the local and international organizations having international presence and clientage as well as new admissions and thinkers in the market. We are always open and accountable. There are no hidden surprises.

Our office in UAE offers the full range of law services.


Shakeel A. Mian  

Legal Advisor & Managing Partner
UAE Office

Mr. Mian is a Senior Partner at PMEALC , UAE. He is a commercial lawyer with 10 years of experience who specializes in advising firms on start-ups, company incorporations, mergers & acquisitions, real Estate and employment matters in the UAE.

He started his career as lawyer in Dubai, UAE in the beginning of 2008 and initially worked with local and international law firms based in Dubai, UAE including Surridge & Beecheno and Galadari Advocates and Legal Consultants.

Mr. Mian has extensive expertise in managing acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructuring and is an expert in advising on dispute resolution mechanism currently prevailing in UAE. He has represented SME’s in their commercial disputes before the Centre of Amicable Settlement of Disputes, Dubai Courts, Dubai Chambers of Commerce and Industry legal department and Dubai international Arbitration Centre [DIAC]. He has also attended international conferences on arbitration including the recent one that convened in Stockholm, Sweden. He was a key legal counsel in advising a US based company on acquisition of full shares of a Dubai based company in Legal Due Diligence proceedings on request of DIFC partners of Prudential.

Mr. Mian is also a regular guest speaker for delivering lectures on UAE employment laws to BBA [Hons.] students of the University of Dubai [UD].