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Prudential’s dispute resolution department has a decent reputation for succeeding in the numerous delicate and intricate litigation and arbitration cases.

Our primary goal is to avoid litigation but where it is unavoidable we focus on the objectives, risk management factors and analyzes the negotiating weaknesses of our opponents to get the maximum for our clients. Our lawyers convince the parties to solve the disputes whether by pre-litigation dispute management, adjudication, mediation, negotiations or expert determination.

Our advocacy unit is providing a number of incentives for clients including efficiency and cost effectiveness in the mentioned spectrum:

  • ·         Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • ·         Corporate Fraud and Asset Recovery
  • ·         Banking Litigation
  • ·         Commercial & Corporate Litigation
  • ·         Real Estate Litigation
  • ·         Tax and Pensions Litigation
  • ·         Anti-Trust Litigation
  • ·         Professional Negligence
  • ·         Public & Administrative Law
  • ·         Energy and Natural Resource Disputes
  • ·         Media & Telecommunications Disputes
  • ·         International and European Law