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Law Suit

  • The New lawsuit management system approved
  • Members of the Federal National Council yesterday approved a legislation on setting up a new case management system to be deployed at federal courts across the country. The new system, part of changes in the UAE Civil Procedure Code, is designed to make the UAE courts more efficient, transparent and modern. Cases will be dealt with electronically before registering the case for the court verdict, according to a report made by an ad-hoc committee of the council.

  • The new system will enable registering a case electronically, to be sent as a complete file to the judge where it will be available to all judicial parties involved in the case. The system uses modern technology on a par with the best court systems in the world to ensure that case information is protected, accessible to authorized users and readily available to the judges and the relevant court staff.

 DEbt Defaulters

  • Relaxation for debt defaulters     
  • The UAE will stop jailing terminally ill patients, seniors, pregnant women and minors under 18 years of age for defaulting on debts. The legislation, will stop the imprisonment of both Emirati and foreign senior people who are above 70 years. Under the draft law, which requires the House’s approval before being finally endorsed as law by President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a defaulter would no longer risk a jail term if he or she has a child younger than 15 years, his or her spouse is dead — or jailed — for any reason.
  • “No prison term will be given to a defaulter if he or she is married to the creditor or a kin thereof, unless the debt is a maintenance or an allowance paid under a court order by one spouse to another,” the draft law suggests.
  • The legislation also suggests that a debtor does not risk a jail term if he or she presents a collateral agreement to answer for the debt, or presents a surety which assumes legal responsibility for the fulfilment of the debt.

    The draft law would also prohibit the jailing of defaulters for debts less than Dh10,000 — unless the debt is a fine or a maintenance paid by a court order.

    The draft law also provides that a creditor may request the court to impose precautionary attachment on the movable property of the other party in the event that the creditor fears he may lose his rights due to the debtor not having a permanent residence in the UAE, or where the creditor fears that the debtor may abscond, smuggle or conceal his money, or where security over the debt is at risk.

Anti-Money Laundering

  • FNC passes anti-money laundering bill
  • The draft law, fast-tracked by the government, sets up a national panel to be charged with fighting money laundering and terrorist financing. It will be made up of representatives from the UAE’s Central Bank, ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Finance, Economy, and Social Affairs, as well as state security and customs authorities, among other institutions. Under the new rules, money launderers may face up to ten years in prison, a fine of up to Dh500, 000 or both. In the case of a business, the penalty is a fine ranging from between Dh300, 000 and Dh1 million. Also, the proceeds of any money-laundering activity will be confiscated. Board members, managers and staff of financial businesses who fail to report any money laundering transaction or terrorist financing carried out in their companies will face a jail term of up to three years, a fine of up to Dh300, 000 or both.

    The anti-money laundering act also mandates that all inbound travellers should declare “the amount of money, convertible financial instruments, or precious metals and gems they hold under the disclosure regulation to be issued by the UAE Central Bank.”

  • Canadian immigration
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced new caps for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • The new cap is operational from 1st May 2014 and will be available for visa applicants until the introduction of the new Express Entry skilled immigration system in 2015. In addition, there is a new list of eligible occupations for the FSWP. The number of occupations on the list is increased from 24 to 50. The new program seeks to select candidates with the highest probability of economic settlement success and contribution to Canada.


    Eligible occupation
    (by National Occupational Classification [NOC] code)
    Number of complete applications counted towards the 1,000 sub-cap
    0013  Senior managers – financial, communications and other business services 3
    0015  Senior managers – trade, broadcasting and other services, n.e.c.
    0111  Financial managers 19
    0112  Human resources managers 3
    0113  Purchasing managers 3
    0121  Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers 1
    0311  Managers in health care 1
    0711  Construction managers 2
    0712  Home building and renovation managers
    0811  Managers in natural resources production and fishing
    0911  Manufacturing managers 1
    1111  Financial auditors and accountants 17
    1112  Financial and investment analysts 120
    1113  Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers
    1114  Other financial officers 3
    1123  Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations 4
    1212  Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers 1
    1224  Property administrators
    2113  Geoscientists and oceanographers 2
    2131  Civil engineers 20
    2132  Mechanical engineers 34
    2133  Electrical and electronics engineers 11
    2145  Petroleum engineers
    2171  Information systems analysts and consultants 28
    2172  Database analysts and data administrators 4
    2173  Software engineers and designers 54
    2174  Computer programmers and interactive media developers 130
    2232  Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians
    2234  Construction estimators 1
    2241  Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians 2
    2243  Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics 2
    2263  Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety 2
    2281  Computer network technicians 23
    3011  Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors
    3012  Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses 7
    3111  Specialist physicians
    3112  General practitioners and family physicians
    3132  Dietitians and nutritionists
    3141  Audiologists and speech-language pathologists 1
    3142  Physiotherapists 11
    3143  Occupational Therapists 1
    3214  Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists
    3215  Medical Radiation Technologists
    3216  Medical Sonographers
    3233  Licensed practical nurses
    3234  Paramedical occupations
    4011  University professors and lecturers 4
    4151  Psychologists 1
    4214  Early childhood educators and assistants
    5125  Translators, terminologists and interpreters